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Start Your Job Search with Up to Date Real Information from someone who has read thousands of resumes, hired thousands of people and has a track record of helping people find their next great job!

A Great Job!

The job market is tough right now. You don't hear back from companies.  The job market seems to be underground.  How do you do this thing called a job hunt? It stinks.  

Now, if you’re like most people, you might be thinking, “Okay, I’ll read this thing when I get a chance." But can you really afford to put it off?  After all, there are job hunters and college graduates adding to those already looking.  Do you want to stand in line with all the others doing it the same way or do you want to get noticed by the companies you want to notice you.

Are you ready to quit wasting time; quit being a victim and ready to take control of your job search...then this might be for you!  In a Four part class, taught by an HR professional who has been there and done that, 
 you will discover:

* The most important part of a resume--and how to write a compelling one!
Interviewing skills that will leave them thinking you are the best fit.
How to figure out what your dream job may be!
How to target your market in today's world.

 And so much more!

If you use the strategies in the class correctly, you will have an energized search that keeps you positive and focused on your end target!

So, here’s what you need to do. Sit down before anything comes up to distract you and sign up for information on this important class. By the end of each class, you’ll be refreshed and more confident. You will be ready to launch an effective and focused job search!

Only need a couple pieces of info (*)....the rest  of the boxes are optional.

Aren't you sick of the way you are doing it?  Come one - let's get to work.  

By the way, there is also a special offer for a graduation gift of "Classroom to Commerce".  A four part class for new grads only! Give a gift that will make a difference in their life. 

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